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Research Program


Amanda Cerqueira (MsC) Effects of agrochemicals in orange plantations on contamination of bees Apis mellifera and honey in apiaries in the region of Matão (SP) Advisor: Rodolfo Antônio de Figueiredo
Ana Claudia Toledo Prado dos Santos (PhD)
Evaluation of potentials of the limits of the pedagogic-teaching proposal of Ecology Learning in the Schoolyard for environmental education.
Advisor: Luciano Elsinor Lopes

Ana Cristina Bagatini Marotti (MsC)
The National Policy of Solid Residuals and the Principle of Protector-Receiver: a study case in the metropolitan region of Campinas
Advisor: Érica Pugliesi 

Ana Elisa Teixeira da Silva (MsC)
A comparative analysis of bat fauna between an Agroforestry System and native area in Pirassununga-SP
Advisor: Rodolfo Antônio de Figueiredo 

Anayra Giacomelli Lamas Alcantara (MsC)
Environmental awareness and sensitization for the conservation of subterranean waters: a study in the Pardo and Tietê-Jacaré watersheds
Advisor: Frederico Yuri Hanai 

Camila Kwiatkoski Timoteo (MsC)
Analysis of indicators for environmental education in the official curriculum of the 6th year of elementary school by the Secretary of Education/SP
Advisor: Amadeu Logarezzi 

Camila Marques dos Santos (MsC)
Resolution of urban environmental conflicts through public civil actions on the state and federal justice – a case study in the city of São Carlos-SP
Advisor: Celso Maran de Oliveira 

Camila Tavares Pereira (PhD)
Heat islands in port cities in the context of climatic changes: a comparative study between Lisboa (Portugal) and Santos (Brazil)
Advisor: Vandoir Bourscheidt 

Carlos Henrique de Oliveira (MsC)
The councilors and the problem of representability in the democratic scope: the review process of the master plan of the city of São Carlos/SP
Advisor: Celso Maran de Oliveira 

Carlos Wilmer Costa (PhD)
Analysis of environmental fragility of watersheds through the analytical geoenvironmental zoning methods on physical attributes: Ribeirão do Feijão spring, São Carlos-SP
Advisor: Reinaldo Lorandi 

Carolina Giraldo Hernández (MsC)
Land use effects on the longitudinal distribution of fish assemblages in São José stream, São Carlos
Advisor: Marcel Okamoto Tanaka 

Caroline Lins Ribeiro (PhD)
Environmental education in the context of young and adult people: between the mismatch and the challenge of transformation
Advisor: Amadeu Logarezzi 

Catarina Gonçalves Dias Netto (PhD)
Evolution and distribution of flammability and fire-related functional traits among Cerrado and semideciduous species
Advisor: Marco Antônio Batalha 

Daniel Gonçalves da Fonseca (PhD)
How do mussel patches influence tropical rocky shore communities: a landscape ecology approach using multiple scales
Advisor: Marcel Okamoto Tanaka 

Daniel Tonelli Caiche (PhD)
Convergences of divergences in the urban and environmental laws in projects of street forestation in the city of São Carlos/SP
Advisor: Renata Bovo Peres 

Danika Andrea Castillo Ospina (MsC) Indicators for the integration of land use planning and subterranean water management: a study case in the Environmental-Economic Zoning in the region of the Tietê-Jacaré Water Resources Management unit in the state of São Paulo Advisor: Frederico Yuri Hanai

Danilo Janczur Tomaz (MsC)
Effects of planting time on the survival and development of seedlings of six tree species or riparian forest
Advisor: Andréa Lúcia Teixeira de Souza 

Davi Fortes Galvão (PhD)
Influence of social representation in the conservation of water resources of rural and urban communities in the Ribeirão do Feijão watershed,São Carlos/SP
Advisor: Juliano Costa Gonçalves 

Diego Peruchi Trevisan (PhD)
Indicators of urban performance of the Tietê-Jacaré watershed: methodology and perspectives of integration
Advisor: Luiz Eduardo Moschini 

Evandro de Castro Sanguinetto (PhD)
Parameters and guidelines for restoration and integration of natural and anthropic systems for urban and rural estate projects
Advisor: Luiz Eduardo Moschini 

Fabíola Geovanna Piga (MsC)
Modelling as a tool for estimates of sediment generation in areas degraded by erosive processes - São Pedro/SP
Advisor: Marcilene Dantas Ferreira 

Flávia Darre Barbosa (PhD)
A methodological contribution for water resources management: a study case in the Ribeirão Preto watershed
Advisor: Frederico Yuri Hanai 

Flávia Regina Maria (MsC)
Movies as an instrument for environmental awareness for water conservation
Advisor: Frederico Yuri Hanai

Gabriel Guariglia Perez (MsC)
Use of active remote sensing in the identification of patterns of vegetation structure in areas of Atlantic Forest
Advisor: Vandoir Bourscheidt

Gabriela Francisco Pegler (MsC)
An evaluation of the efficiency of research management in the state parks of São Paulo
Advisor: Adriana Maria Zalla Catojo

Gabriella de Oliveira Daniel (MsC)
Monitoring of water quality and the influence of land use in the Ribeirão Canchim watershed, São Carlos-SP Advisor: Marcel Okamoto Tanaka
Gisele Sant’Ana Fiorini Pereira (MsC)
Sustainability in higher education institutions: an analysis of sustainable public procurement
Advisor: Érica Pugliesi 

Isabela Battistello Espíndola (MsC)
The human right to water at UNASUL: Recognition, specific legislation, guarantee, and challenges
Advisor: Celso Maran de Oliveira 

Janaína de Fátima Fernandes (PhD)
Reintroduction of tree species in degraded riparian forests: direct seeding and seedling planting
Advisor: Andréa Lúcia Teixeira de Souza 

João Vitor Roque Guerreiro (PhD)
Application of a model of environmental fragility for the analysis of ecosystem services: contributions to territory planning in the city of Brotas-SP
Advisor: Luiz Eduardo Moschini 

Julie Christine Scaloppi (MsC)
Functional traits of native tree species along a soil nutrition gradient in a restored area
Advisor: Andréa Lúcia Teixeira de Souza 

Karina Granado (PhD)
Environmental refugees in the UNASUL: legislative alignment at the light of human rights
Advisor: Celso Maran de Oliveira 

Larissa Pedrolongo (MsC)
The contribution of environmental education for the education of former homeless subjects from the city of São Carlos
Advisor: Rodolfo Antônio de Figueiredo 

Leandro José Oliveira (MsC)
Environmental diagnostics of the buffer zone from Jataí Ecological Station and Luiz Antônio Experimental Station
Advisor: Luiz Eduardo Moschini 

Liseth Ana Delia Gomez Beltran (MsC)
Evaluation of the effects of chemical and organic fertilizers on intraspecific variation of functional traits of native tree species in degraded area
Advisor: Andréa Lúcia Teixeira de Souza

Luciana Ruggiero Bachega (PhD)
Nutrient cycling through litterfall and soil microbial activity in restored riparian forests
Advisor: Marcel Okamoto Tanaka

Luiza de Lima Neves (MsC)
Analysis of fire susceptibility by geoprocessing techniques: a study case in Ribeirão Preto-SP
Advisor: Vandoir Bourscheidt 

Maíra Miller Ferrari (PhD)
Routes to socioenvironmental sustainability networks: perspectives of critical environmental education
Advisor: Amadeu Logarezzi 

Maria Luiza Appoloni Zambom (MsC)
Bird assemblages in green áreas from the municipality of Tourist Resort of Avaré
Advisor: Renata Bovo Peres 

Mariana Dorici (MsC)
The multifunctionality of uses in the urban space and its importance for quality of life
Advisor: Luiz Eduardo Moschini 

Mayra Cristina Prado de Moraes (PhD)
Dynamics of settings for biodiversity conservation of forest remnants in the surroundings of Três Barras National Forest - SC
Advisor: José Eduardo dos Santos 

Monica Palloni Gonçalves (MsC)
Analysis of functionality, infrastructure, and connectivity potential of public urban green areas of São Carlos, SP
Advisor: Renata Bovo Peres 

Monise Terra Cerezini (PhD)
Sustainability indicator for water management: a study case in watersheds
Advisor: Frederico Yuri Hanai 

Murilo Otávio Cassimiro (MsC)
Relation of rural producers in smallholdings with the environmental resources soil, water, plants, and animals
Advisor: Juliano Costa Gonçalves 

Pedro Luciano Colenci (PhD)
Municipal master plan and contributive popular engagement: a methodological proposition
Advisor: Celso Maran de Oliveira 

Raimunda Gomes Silva Soares (MsC)
Multi-scale effects of forest quantity and landscape heterogeneity on the pollination of species sensitive to antropic impacts
Advisor: Luciano Elsinor Lopes 

Raphael Augusto Fagliari (MsC)
Aspects of reverse logistics on solid residuals management: tools, technologies, and opportunities for the realization of the National Policy of Solid Residuals
Advisor: Érica Pugliesi 

Raul Sampaio de Lima (MsC)
Effects of vegetation structure on hydrological processes and sediment transport in riparian ecosystems
Advisor: Marcel Okamoto Tanaka 

Regiane de Sá Alberto (MsC)
Environmental education and the transformation of urban spaces: new ways to live, multiple ways to learn
Advisor: Haydée Torres de Oliveira 

Roberta Hehl de Sylos Cintra (PhD)
The renewable energetic matrix and normatives of integration in the UNASUL: regulation of renewable energy and impacts on regional sustainable development 

Rogério Aparecido Libório (PhD)
Evaluation of riparian zone reforesting on stream water quality and aquatic macroinvertebrate communities
Advisor: Marcel Okamoto Tanaka 

Rogério Coli da Cunha (PhD)
Analysis of economic viability through Monte Carlo simulation of implementation of Payment for Environmental Services of water provision for energy generation from revenue of tax payment by hydroelectric enterprises using risk analysis in the Rio Lambari watershed, municipality of Poços de Caldas, MG
Advisor: Francisco Antonio Dupas 

Silvano Carmo de Souza (PhD)
Communicative participation and dialogic learning for fish biodiversity conservation in Cáceres – Mato Grosso: the silence and voices of artisanal professional fisherwomen and fishermen
Advisor: Amadeu Logarezzi 

Tatiana Bompani Consoni (MsC)
Tools for the analysis of conformity in forest certification and their application in practice
Advisor: Érica Pugliesi 



Diego Peruchi Trevisan (MsC)
Analysis of environmental variables in relation to changes in land use and land cover in the municipality of São Carlos, São Paulo-SP, Brasil
Advisor: Luiz Eduardo Moschini 

Augusto Florisvaldo Batisteli (MsC)
Functional categories of Bird assemblages in response to the vegetation structure of restored riparian areas
Advisor: Andréa Lúcia Teixeira de Souza 

Mayra de Souza Bonfim (MsC)
Analysis of attendance to the principles of the forest management certification FSC and perspectives of application of International Generic Indicators
Advisor: Érica Pugliesi 

Camila Bonelli de Millano (MsC)
Reverse logistics: a study on the knowledge body and diagnostics on the recycling process of a compressor industrial plant
Advisor: Érica Pugliesi 

Natália Abe (MsC)
Relations among ecologically important functional traits of Cerrado shrub and tree species
Advisor: Marco Antônio Portugal Luttembarck Batalha 

Gabriela Santos Tibúrcio (MsC)
Challenges of possibilities of the Pibid: an analysis of teaching practices in environmental education used by teachers in the early courses of Biological Sciences and Physical Education from UNESP Rio Claro
Advisor: Amadeu José Montagnini Logarezzi 

Flávia Fina Franco (MsC)
Critical environmental education and the knowledge of done experience on the education of young and adult people: a dialogue for transformation
Advisor: Amadeu José Montagnini Logarezzi 

Vinicius Perez Dictoro (MsC)
Human relations with water: environmental awareness, traditional knowledge, cultural symbolisms, and contributions for water management and conservation
Advisor: Frederico Yuri Hanai 

José Wamberto Zamquim Junior (MsC)
Environmental conciliation and environmental attendance in the state of São Paulo
Advisor: Celso Maran de Oliveira 

Cristine Diniz Santiago (MsC)
Municipal plans on solid residuals integrated management: challenges in the implementation of the National Policy for Solid Residuals in the Tietê-Jacaré watershed, SP
Advisor: Érica Pugliesi