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Mandatory courses

CAM-021 Interdisciplinarity and Projects in Environmental Sciences (4) 
CAM-039 Conceptual Bases in Environmental Sciences(2) 

 Optional courses

CAM-001 Epistemology of the Environmental Sciences (4)
CAM-003 Environmental Education (8)
CAM-004 Geoprocessing Applied to Environmental Sciences (4)
CAM-005 Agricultural Economy (8)
CAM-006 Principles of Geotechnology (4)
CAM-007 Geoenvironmental Cartographic Project (4)
CAM-008 Recovery of Degraded Areas (8)
CAM-009 Society and Environment (6)
CAM-010 Topics in Environmental Sciences I (8)
CAM-011 Workshop in Environmental Sciences (2)
CAM-012 Essentials of Ecology and Geosciences (8)
CAM-013 Advanced Topics in Biodiversity (6)
CAM-014 Nature, Society, and Development (8)
CAM-015 Sustainability Indicators for Integrated Environmental Management (8)
CAM-016 Directed Study (2)
CAM-017 Topics in Environmental Sciences II (4)
CAM-018 Policies and Instruments of Environmental Management (6)
CAM-019 Environmental Planning and Management (6)
CAM-020 Management of Protected Natural Areas (6)
CAM-022 Teacher Training in Environmental Sciences I (2)
CAM-023 Plant Reproduction and Agroecology (4)
CAM-024 Teacher Training in Environmental Sciences II (2)
CAM-025 Integrated Territorial Management and Urban Environmental Planning (4)
CAM-026 Urban and Environmental Law (4)
CAM-027 Environmentalism and Sustainable Development (8)
CAM-028 Integrated Management of Solid Residuals and Socioenvironmental Impacts (8)
CAM-029 Principles of Scientific Computing for the Environmental Sciences (4)
CAM-030 Directed Study in Ecological Systems and Geosciences (2)
CAM-031 Directed Study in Environment and Society (2)
CAM-032 Directed Study in Landscape Management (2)
CAM-033 Geoprocessing Applied to Geoenvironmental Cartographic Projects (8)
CAM-034 Multivariate Analysis in Environmental Sciences (8)
CAM-035 Seminars in Environmental Sciences (2)
CAM-036 Humanistic Perspective on Disasters (2)
CAM-037 Environmental Management Instruments Applied to Territorial Planning (4)
CAM-038 Directed Study in Environmental Education (2)
CAM-040 Disasters: Crisis, Complexity and Resilience (2)
CAM-041 Conservation of Brazilian Phytogeographical Domains (4)
CAM-042 Directed Study: Environmental Issues in Brazilian Urban Planning (2)
CAM-043 Fundamentals of Landscape Ecology (4)
CAM-044 Geological-Geotechnical Characterization for Environmental Studies (8)